My Undead Heart


I have a dead heart.

Okay, so it beats just fine. But I’m never going to be that girl. The woman who swoons over a cocky smirk and flirty pickup line. The best leading men in my life are of the fictional variety. How could any real man live up to that fantasy? 

Simple answer. He can’t

But then Matt Haywood crashes into my world. He’s the fallen fighter I don’t want to root for, but find myself anyway. He’s wrestling his way much closer to my thoughts, hopes, and dreams than anyone before him ever dared.

There’s more to Matt than I first assumed, but we’re too different for this to work. Aren’t we? Then again, he’s fearless and brave and real. Maybe I’m not so cold after all. 

Maybe Matt holds the antidote to my undead heart.



"Entertaining, heartfelt, and with a relatable heroine-- My Undead Heart is my fave Kacey Shea book yet!"

- USA Today Bestselling Author Celia Aaron

"I could not put this book down. If you're looking for a book to melt your heart this would be it."

- Missy, Goodreads Reviewer

"Kacey Shea is an excellent storyteller of all things love whether her stories include a gorgeous rock star, a mouth watering fireman, or a delicious ex MMA fighter. They all capture your heart and leave you wanting more."

- Rochelle's Reviews

"This one's definitely a knockout!" - Author Ruthie Henrick

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