Kacey Shea USA Today Bestselling contemporary romance author


Kacey Shea is a USA Today bestselling author of steamy contemporary romance. She enjoys writing strong and smart heroines, heroes with hearts of gold, and stories that deliver a satisfying, well-earned happily ever after. 


Detour Audiobook by Kacey Shea Cover Narrated by Lessa Lamb and Jason Clarke

DETOUR is an opposites attract, enemies-to-friends-to-lovers, rock star romance narrated by Jason Clarke and Lessa Lamb.

“From here on out here’s how it’s going to go. I play. You play. Don’t hit on me. Don’t flirt with me. Understood?”

Handsome, charismatic, and blessed with a voice that brings thousands of fans to their knees, Trent Donovan is a walking cliché. But he has another thing coming if he thinks he can charm his way into my panties.

I don’t care if he’s rich and famous because I’m not here to bag a rock star. I’m here to pave my own way. To prove I belong center stage.

There’s just one problem.

The more time I spend on the road with the band, the more I realize Trent’s nothing like the arrogant playboy I expected. We share a love of music, and if I’m honest so much more.

I came on this tour to follow my dreams, but if I’m not careful he’s bound to lead them off track—right along with my heart.

Each book in the Off Track Records series can be listened to as a standalone.




On paper I have it all. Wealth, security, and a collection of vehicles that spark envy, even amongst LA’s rich and famous. Money is all I ever wanted, but now that I have it in spades, I’m restless. 

For the first time in my life, I want things cash can’t procure. I want a real relationship. Beauty and brains. A salacious little minx who isn’t afraid to call me out. My equal, in and out of the bedroom. 

The problem is I have no clue where to find a woman like that. 

Imagine my luck when I come upon a curvy, gorgeous maiden in distress, stranded on the side of I-10 like a mirage fashioned from my deepest desires. It’s fate. Kismet. 

Only she isn’t impressed. Not by my money, my power, or my ability to make all her dreams come true. Hell, she won’t even accept my ride without an argument. But I’m not giving up. She doesn’t know who she’s dealing with, and I’m not afraid to play dirty. 

Dirty Dealer is an opposites attract, temporary roommates, contemporary romance standalone inspired by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward’s Cocky Bastard. Dirty Dealer releases in ebook, audio, and print on June 28th! It's published as part of the Cocky Hero Club world, a series of original works, written by various authors, and inspired by Keeland and Ward's New York Times bestselling series.

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Three couples uncover their happily ever after in this series of connected standalones. Packed with humor and heart, Kacey Shea brings a fresh look to her debut novels.

Uncovering Love - After being fired from her job, Evie sets out to create a new career in private investigation that specializes in matters of the heart. The only problem? She's falling for a man who could ruin everything.

Uncovering Desire - Everything about his temporary roommate and best friend from high school drives Jon crazy. Until one wild night together. Now he can't get Kate out of his mind and winning her heart just became his next mission.

Uncovering Hope - When a handsome young rock star begins to volunteer at the local children's hospital, he catches the attention of many staff members, including nurse and single mom, Carly Reynolds. But is she brave enough to embrace a second chance at love?

Uncovering Forever - This novella brings together all three couples from the previous books for an unforgettable wedding. Pregnant bridesmaids, an angry ex, and a sprinkle of cold feet sends one couple stumbling toward their big day in this feel good romantic comedy. 


All books in the Uncovering series are FREE to read with KU and available on Amazon. Check them out today!



“You’re trouble, you know that?”

Fire captain Cameron McClain thinks I’m the meddlesome one, but he’s the instigator. His rugged good looks and confident sense of humor should be illegal. Not to mention his dimples.  

They’re partially to blame for why I leave this party and follow him back to his room. I knew we had chemistry, but from the second his lips meet mine, my body catches on fire. All it takes is one touch and the attraction between us combusts into an undeniable heat.

One hot night. That’s all we were meant to be. But now that I know how good we are together, how can I stay away?


One Hot Night is a short and steamy prequel to Caught in the Lies. It is currently available for free on all retailers. 




Fire captain Cameron McClain dropped into my life with as much subtlety as an unsolicited d*ck pic. I shouldn’t be attracted to him, but I am. He’s too old for me, too alpha for my tastes, and too bossy in the bedroom. Though, I have to admit he knows exactly how to use his . . . firehose.

I’m not interested in a forever kind of relationship, but he’s down for whatever I’m willing to give. Our arrangement is perfect. At least that's how it begins. I never wanted the happily ever after, but he’s just so tempting.

The smart choice would be to end things before they combust, but for some reason I can’t push Cam away. The harder I try, the harder he—well, you get the picture.

I wish things were different. I want to be someone worthy of his devotion. But the secrets I hold close, they don’t just eat me up inside, they destroy anyone who gets too close.

So, I won’t fall in love. Simple, right?

Wrong. So freaking wrong. I don’t just fall. I crash and burn for this man. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Turns out I’m not the only one telling lies and keeping secrets, and his are enough to rip us apart forever.

Caught in the Lies is available now in ebook, print, and audio. Caught in the Lies is free to read with Kindle Unlimited. 


Caught in the Lies narrated by Savannah Peachwood with Jason Clarke releases October 3rd


Kacey Shea's steamy firefighter romance is narrated by Savannah Peachwood with Jason Clarke! The audio is already Whispersynced, so if you own the ebook (or borrow with KU), you can upgrade to audio at a discount.